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Manderley - Plain

Lot stripped to my wall and all Sims originl game objects.

Your lot should not crash if you start with this one.

Click on the pic below to download Manderley lot - plain.



Tango Argentina 


Cherry Tree Hill



Home of the Mayfair Witches


My Childhood Home
Size : 937.841 Kb
Type : zip


The Hunt Club Restaurant
Size : 1550.559 Kb
Type : zip


Russian Dacha
Size : 838.188 Kb
Type : zip


Serenity House


Key Largo
Size : 665.229 Kb
Type : zip


Lilac Cottage
Size : 1282.144 Kb
Type : zip





Simmington Insane Asylum


Christmas Around the World


Shades of Gray 


Santa's Tropical Retreat


Pocket Paradiso 


Touch of Heaven




House of the Red Dragon


Old Nippon Square (OldTown)


Garden Cottage


Paradise Lake House 


Barbie's PINKSANITY! !
Size : 450.405 Kb
Type : zip



 Space Resort & Spa


Grim VanSnobby Estate


Castle Alucard

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